Contemporary Textiles 2018      

Contemporary Textiles Exhibition 
Biennial Exhibition & Award of Contemporary Textiles
Saturday 28th July - Saturday 11th August 2018

Open Daily 10am-4pm | $7 Entry

Since its inception at Buda in 2008, the Contemporary Textiles Exhibition has developed into a biennial event of national importance on the calendar of embroiderers and fabric artists, making Castlemaine a centre for the display of excellence and innovation in contemporary textiles. 

Supporting the work of established and emerging textile artists from across Australia and New Zealand, with a prize pool of approximately $3,300. Artists work is jury chosen for entry, and judged by an esteemed panel from the textile industry, including practicing artists.

Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition 2018 Award Winners

Contemporary Textiles First Prize ($1000): the winner was unanimously awarded to Exhibit No 26, entered by Jem Olsen from Victoria – with an entry entitled: ‘The Daily Disrupted 2018’.

This entry comprised of two large parallel panels featuring machine embroidery. She usedmachine embroidery techniques to create the traditional Khmer karma scarf, upon which she superimposed copies of the Cambodia Daily paper (1993-2017) closed down by the repressive government. The work reflected the struggles within the contemporary political situation in Cambodia, and the control exercised over the media in that country.

Contemporary Textiles Second Prize ($500): the second prize was awarded to Exhibit No 31, entered by Jennie-maree Tempest from Victoria - for a predominantly machined embroidered and appliqué work entitled: ‘Frida and Me’.

The stunning piece depicted Mexican artist Freda Kahlo as a muse to the artist as a child in a mounted and framed piece of textile art.

The First Prize for the Student/Emerging Artist ($500): the student/emerging artist prize was awarded to Exhibit No 11, entered by Irene Koroluk from Tasmania for a work entitled: ‘Death Trap’.

The work was a lino-cut and machine embroidery stitching artwork showing botanical specimens apparently hanging innocently but awaiting their prey. It displayed an interesting use of colour, and illustrated her own research in the Northern Territory.

The Second Prize for the Student/Emerging Artist ($100): the second student/emerging artist prize was awarded to Exhibit No 10, also entered by Irene Koroluk from Tasmania for a work entitled: ‘Wild Pineapple’.

The work depicted a close up birds-eye view of the pineapple fruit / flower.

One piece was also Highly Commended in the Contemporary Textile section: No 15, ‘Teasel 6’, by Susie Losch.

Other works were Commended:
- No 19, ‘Plum Blossom’ by Mary McArdle
- No 32, ‘The Last Resort’, by Rebecca Wolske

In the Student / Emerging section a Highly Commended award was given to:
- No 17, ‘5am Mother’s Milk’, by Prue Mansfield

Also Commended was: No 16, ‘all tied up with craving and loss’, also by Prue Mansfield.

Judges for 2018
 - Patricia Jones (textile designer)
 - Susan O’Connor (editor Inspirations magazine)
 - Jennifer Craik (fashion and textile writer & academic)

Contemporary Textiles 2018 - WINNER Jem Olsen, ‘The Daily Disrupted 2018’

Contemporary Textiles 2018

Susie Losch, 'Teasel 6'

WINNER: Visitor's Choice Award 2018

Jennie-maree Tempest - 'Frida and Me'

Contemporary Textiles 2018

Materials/Medium: Vintage fabric, lace and thread

"Frida Kahlo is an inspiration to many artist, not unlike myself. Her passion for life and her strength is evident in the visual symbolism and vibrancy of her work. Her greatness is world renowned. In this piece I am a child of ten, dwarfed by her greatness but given strength by her holding my hand and guided me through my own journey." Jennie-maree Tempest

Buda Contemporary Textiles Exhibition 2016 Award Winners
The 5th biennial exhibition in 2016 commemorated the Leviny daughters, and their love of the Arts and Crafts Movement, with a special award for an Arts & Crafts inspired piece. Other awards were for Contemporary Textiles, and also a student encouragement award.

CATEGORY 1: Contemporary Textiles 
First prize $1000 
Catherine O’Leary (Vic), 'Entwined' (shown top left). A 400 x 300 x 450 mm hand-stitched, hand moulded woollen felt and silk fabric. Sculptural work.

Joint Second prize $250 each
Linda McLean (Vic), From Green to Blue. 1300 x 950 x 50 mm recycled paper, wool thread.
Gloria Muddle (NSW), Sewing Samplers (eight pieces). 400 x 240 each hand stitched hemming and pleating. Smocking and patching samplers.

In addition, five entrants were highly commended:
Melanie Hill (Vic), 'TV Chair'
Susan Iacuone (Vic), 'Midwinter Morning Muckleford'
Denise Lithgow (NSW), 'Ripples'
Elizabeth Low (NSW), Calico Reef ‘She’ll be Right Mate’
Rebecca Wolske (Vic), 'Renovator’s delight'

CATEGORY 2: Influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Despite a small number of entries, the entrants responded to the brief in an intriguing, thoughtful and unexpected way. The final entries were eclectic in technique materials and execution.
First prize $1000
Chris Beehag (Vic) 'In the Spirit of De Morgan'  (shown top right)
Second prize $500
Louise McCall (Vic) 'Silver Princess'

In addition Sue Martin (Vic) was highly commended for 'Shadow - Wings'

CATEGORY 3: Student / Apprentice Encouragement Award $300
Catherine Thomas (Vic), Rock Pool

In addition Jane Bear, Irene Pagram, and Sue Tate were highly commended for 'Belladonna Belle: a three way garment for three sisters: Hilda, Mary and Kate'  

Chris Beehag In the Spirit of De Morgan       Catherine O'Leary Entwined

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