Buda Historic Home & Garden - Textiles Award

Textiles Award


Contemporary Textiles Award & Exhibition 2014

Buda is pleased to announce the 4th Contemporary Textiles Award and Exhibition
1st – 15th June, 2014


Next years award will be open themed, with the emphasis on contemporary.

A panel of judges will select the entries for inclusion in the award and exhibition,

with three prizes for the most outstanding entries and a single student/apprentice

encouragement award. Entries close 1st May 2014.


First Prize   $1,000  Second Prize $500  Third Prize $250

 Student/Apprentice Encouragement Award
[emerging artist currently undertaking post-secondary studies]


  For Conditions of entry and Entry form Click here 

or call Buda on 5472 1032










Where the Sun Shines In
Teresa Poletti Glover
'Where the Sun Shines In' 2012

For the Sisters
Beverly Downie
'For the Sisters' 2012

Sharon Peoples

Sharon Peoples
'Golden Pomegranate Series' 2010 

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